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Sunlight City Crafting
9 days ago


Crafting Information



In order to craft the items below you'll need to own and double click "use" on the "Artisan Sewing Box" which is 10c in the catalogue. Find it via Furni > Sunlight City Crafting > Crafting Table and Ingredients.


When being used the following box should appear, the items that you wish to craft should appear in the top box, with your ingredients shown just below. Select the item that you wish to craft, ensuring that you have the required ingredients, before clicking "craft"




Crafting Ingredients

The following is a list of ingredients that you may need when crafting.


 Recyclable Glass


 Recyclable Paper


 Recyclable Plastic




Below is a list of recipes for the items that can be created:


x2 +x2 = 


x3 +x3 = 


x4 +x4 = 


x5 +x5 = 


x2 + x2


x2 +  x2 = 


x3 + x3 = 


x3 +  x3 = 



The Achievements


Below is a list of achievements that are achieved by crafting.


 Crafted 2 Sun City Items


 Crafted 4 Sun City Items


 Crafted 6 Sun City Items


 Crafted 8 Sun City Items


 Crafted 10 Sun City Items


 Crafted 12 Sun City Items


 Crafted 14 Sun City Items


 Crafted 16 Sun City Items


 Crafted 18 Sun City Items


 Crafted 20 Sun City Items

What do you think of this lot of craftable items?

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TBH crafting is way too much hassle so imma be stay well clear tyvm.
Rupert 9 days ago