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HabboFests Pride Month! [RESULTS]
4 months ago

Hey! Thanks for been a part at the HabboFests Pride Month.


So good entries where sent in, it was no easy decision for us to sort out here are the results!


1st Place: 100 Coins + Rainbow Curls + Site Badge


Username: Black.Amethyst


2nd Place: 50 Coins + Rainbow Shades + Site Badge


User: .Tiing. 


3rd Place: 20 Coins + Bohemian Dog + Site Badge


User: Kiwicolours 

Under all results were given out 2x Rainbow Shades!


Congrats to these Users: SquirleBoss and iBailz


Please contact in Habbo.com Droube to claim your prize until 07/07/2019 11:59PM UK TIME!


be proud of yourself we are HabboFests

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congrats guys!
Rupert 4 months ago

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