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July's Bundle Releases
4 months ago

New: Rainbow Room Bundle


Pick up a selection of the new Pride in Habbo furni for a great price! Comes with an exclusive badge.

Yet to be confirmed
Exclusive Badge: PIH06



New: Celestial Bundle


We're extremely happy to present the brand new , 100% exclusive Celestrial bundle! Come with exclusive badge.

Yet to be confirmed
Exclusive Badge: PIH07



Underwater House Bundle


Now that you've travelled all the way to the Coral Kingdom, make sure you buy a house here! Comes with exclusive badge. Bundle built by Jenneben (NL)

Exclusive Badge: PIH08




Mermaid Lagoon Bundle


Only mermaids have ever set foot in this idyllic spot. Now YOU get to live here! Comes with exclusive badge. Build by Frission (COM)

Exclusive Badge: PIH09




Zen Garden Bundle


It's time to dive into a metaphorical pool of psychological solitude. Note: This bundle is made from 100% zen-inspired furni!

Exclusive Badge: PIH12



Write down in the comments your opinion of the upcoming bundles!

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I'm super excited for the new furni line bundles!
Rupert 4 months ago
Can't wait x
Cam 4 months ago

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