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Bohemian Festival Crafting
3 months ago

Crafting Information

In order to craft the items below you'll need to own and double click or click "use" on the "Artisan Sewing Box" which is 10c from the catalogue, go to the catalogue Furni > Bohemian Festival Crafting > Artisan Sewing Box and Ingredients.

When being used the following box should appear, the items that you wish to craft should apear in the top box, with your ingredients displayed in the box below it. Select the item that you wish to craft, ensuring that you have the required ingredients, before clicking "craft"

Crafting Ingredients

The following is a list of ingredients that may be required when crafting. 

The Dyes will be avaliable in the catalogue at varying times/dates, throughout June, they may also be gained at some official Habbo events.


The following can be bought in the catalogue "Artisan Sewing Box and Ingredients" page.

Artisan Sewing Material

Green Festival Dye

Purple Festival Dye

Book of Patterns

The following items can be bought in the "Bohemian Festival Furniture Range".

Orange Festival Curtains

Pink Festival Parasol

Pink Festival Cushion

Pink Festival Cushion

The following can be found by buying the "Book of Patterns" and opening them, by either double clicking or clicking use. It's random as to which book you'll recieve.

Facepaint Pattern

Headgear Pattern

Shirt Pattern

Backpack Pattern


Below is a list of all the recipes and crafting methods which can be used to craft items, using the Artisan Sewing Box.

The Achievements

Crafted 2 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 4 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 6 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 8 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 10 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 12 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 14 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 16 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 18 Bohemian Festival Items


Crafted 20 Bohemian Festival Items

What do you think of all these new items?



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