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BAF Partnership

BAF, the British Armed Forces, Habbo army is now our official partner.

monkeymanbubby 10 hours ago

Edition #2

Check out what happened in Habbo in May!

monkeymanbubby 10 days ago

Edition #1

Check the latest Habbo activity in April

monkeymanbubby 10 days ago

Fansite Greve

Fansites from HabboPTBR have to say something…#GreveHabboFS

monkeymanbubby 11 days ago

36 New Furniture Found

Check out this new furniture that'll be released in July!

monkeymanbubby 11 days ago

Bohemian Festival Crafting

Learn how to craft with the Bohemian Festival Crafting Ingredients!

monkeymanbubby 13 days ago

Habbo Commands

Learn you room commands and other cool Habbo commands!

monkeymanbubby 14 days ago

Habbo ALT Codes

Make your Habbo messages funky with alt codes!

monkeymanbubby 14 days ago

7 New Furniture Found

Check out these new bonus bag items!

monkeymanbubby 15 days ago

A New Habbo Look Found


Droube 20 days ago

16 New Clothing Found

From hats to dresses, Habbo has gone all out!

monkeymanbubby 1 month ago

[WIRED] AFK Kicker

Put those trolls back into their place!

monkeymanbubby 1 month ago

21 New Furni Found!

Check out 21 of new Furniture and exciting rare rainbow jumper!

-Spas- 1 month ago

Paparazzi Camera Re-Release

It's coming back!

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago

[CHALLENGE] HabboFests Site Egg Hunt

The Easter bunny has came early to HabboFests!

Reecers 2 months ago

2 New Furniture Found!

Bit of gambling with Habbo

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago

Easter Mini Room Building Competition

Come and win some credits and build some amazing rooms!

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago

5 New Clothing Found!

Some hair, some more hair and a beard!

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago

22 New Furniture Found!

The greeks are coming!

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago