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[SLC] Power Plant
1 month ago

Room Information

Room Owner: Amaia
Room Name: [SLC] Power Plant

Click on the room name to be taken to the room directly!



Step 1

Walk to the teleporter, however don't walk unless the prison tower's light is off, see the image below for the respective side and tower.




Step 2

Enter the tele, shown below.





Step 3

Using the arrow tiles, move the bot around the circuit and step on the broken wires, highlighted below in blue. Once done return the bot back to the starting area, highlighted in red.



Please Note: You only have 1 minute to complete this step!



Step 4

Step on the tile in the middle of the arrow tiles to gain your badge and 2 recyclable plastic crafting materials!





Do you like nice and quick events like this?

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Nice and quick, just up my street xD
Rupert 1 month ago