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[SLC] City on Fire
7 days ago

Room Information:

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Room Name: [SLC] City on Fire



Queue up in the line and wait for your turn




This game is 2 minutes long, 2 people can play the game.

Shown below are the 4 buildings.

  • Firstly, use the hand pump highlighted in pink 
  • Use that water to put out the fire traps highlighted in blue
  • Walk on the arrow tiles highlihgted in green to get to the top of the buildings


If 1 person gets hit by the gremlins the other can still carry on and collect the badge.







When all the fires are out, arrow plates will enter the game. Step on an arrow plate to recieve your badge and  recyclable materials!



Hope you all enjoyed this guide, was pretty fun!!

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Nice and sort, thanks for the guide!
Rupert 7 days ago