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[HFFM] 13th Birthday
10 days ago

Room Information:

Room Owner: instax
Room Name: [HFFM] 13th Birthday



Enter the room, be patient and wait until the spaceship doors open. Step on the spaceship doors and follow step 2




Get yourself an icecream from the stand and walk towards Joshey & Carnio




Listen and wait until Joshy & Cornio have completed their story. When Joshey tells you to let Carnio know that you're going say “I’ll be there!” 




Enter the teleporter shown below




Wait patiently until the door opens then flick the switch that the bot asks you to.



''Clean up your room!''



''Clean up the dishes!''



''Clean up the dog's poo!''




Enter the teleporter shown below




Queue up in the line and wait for your turn




You will be teleported from the flame trap onto the pillow. The aim of the game it to flick the switches to rotate the rollers

The blue tile under right hand switch turns the blue rollers

The pink tile under the left hand switch turns the pink rollers


Get all mannequins on their colour corosponding tiles and then say ''done'' to teleport

Note: You have 1 minute to complete the game.





Enter the teleporter below




Find below the names of the furniture that will teleport you, these change randomly:

  • Puppy Present
  • MyPod Docking Station
  • Club 6
  • Necklace
  • Pile of Clothes
  • Doggo Plushy
  • Carnival Mask




Enter the teleporter shown below




Queue up in the line and wait for your turn




The bot is getting ready for a big night and wants to look perfect!

Watch the bot as she goes to each section and chooses her outfit, hair and shoes. In each section a coloured tile will turn from red to green (memorize this as this will be important!)

Once she has chosen her full outfit you will then need to go to each section and say ''left, middle or right'' remembering which coloured tiles were green. When you've completed all 3 sections step on the cat rug and say ''done''

You have 30 seconds to complete this.






Enter the teleporter shown below




Wait patiently for the gates to open and the game to begin




Try to stay away from the bodyguards for 1 minute, if they touch you you will be sent back outisde the gates and have to redo this level.

Walk through the other set of gates and step on the arrow tiles to teleport

This game lasts for 1 minute.







Enter the teleporter shown below




Say “Happy Birthday HFFM!” for your badge!




Congrats for HFFM, have you got your badge yet?!

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I love the badge ngl! Thanks for the guide x
Rupert 9 days ago
Thanks for the guide Fran x :)
Rhyce 9 days ago