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[HabboQuests] Summer Camp
3 months ago

Room Information

Room Owner: Loses
Room Name: [HabboQuests] Summer Camp




Wait for the gate to open, then stand on it to teleport.







Listen to the bot and then wait to be teleported to the next stage.







Use on of the lanterns, shown below.





Enter the teleport, below.






This stage is broken, step on the banzai and enter the teleport, shown below.







Wait in the line patiently.







Use the switches to make the glowball move upwards, ensure that the glowball doesn't hit a red color tile, by ensuring that it's positioned on top of the blue tiles, which will change. Avoid the red tiles.




Please Note: you must survive for 30 seconds to continue.





Enter the teleporter.







Walk to the items marked below, ensure that you only move when the bot is facing the same direction, as pictured. When you reach an item say pickup and once all three have been picked up say done to teleport.








Enter the teleport.







Wait in the line, patiently and then once teleported avoid the rubbish and stay on the rollers, until the switch appears. Use the switch to continue, which will spawn at :05, you only have 5 seconds to use it.







Enter the teleport, shown below. 






Wait in the line patiently.






Make your way along the stump chairs and through the one way gates. On the way step on all the color tiles, the gate will then open, walk on the blue colored tile to continue. Don't step on the grass.







Enter the teleporter.







Use the compass to gain your badge.




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The line at the end was so long, RIP was there for like 20 mins
Rupert 3 months ago

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