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[Habbox] Pool Party
3 months ago

Room Information

Room Owner: Deactivate!
Room Name: [Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway



Enter the teleport, by clicking use or double clicking it to teleport.




Use the switch, shown below.




Walk to the switch, which will be frequently placed, whilst avoiding the "Perky Pug" from watching your movements, ensure he's faced in the direction shown below, before moving.





Use the switch, shown below.




Enter the teleporter.




Use the switches, marked below, which will randomly change, in regards to which one will teleport you.



 Walk onto the rollers, to the green color tile, without stepping off the rollers/one way gates onto a red tile. 



Enter the teleport.




Walk to the pink raft, without stepping on the floor. Use the switches to rotate the one way gates.




Enter the teleport, shown below.




Walk to the icecream lady, shown below, whilst avoiding the furniture highlighted. You may chose to take a break in the arch.




Enter the teleport.




Step on the area, marked below.




Answer the telephrase, using the following answers, then enter the teleport, marked below.


Demi Lovato



Use the items below, it'll frequently change as to which one is the correct item to be used.




Enter the teleporter shown below.




Use the ticket machine to teleport.




Walk to the end of the dock and enter the teleport.




Step onto the color tiles, to spawn the mannequins, then type *change* to teleport. 




Enter the teleport.




Enter the teleport, shown below.




Step onto the "pink rafts" to teleport and recieve your badge.


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Legit Fran and I were in the 4th room for ages waiting for people to stop falling off the rollers.
Rupert 3 months ago