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[MFT] Left No Stone Unturned! - Habboroo
3 months ago

Room Information

Room Owner: Amaia
Room Name: [MFT2] Left No Stone Unturned!



Ensure that you're wearing the badge pictured below to be able to enter this room, it can be recieved by using this guide here. If this badge was not recieved enter [MFT2] Food Park and that badge may be earned instead.

Get an item from the "Tokyo Snack Display" by clicking use or double clicking the item below.




Once you've gained the item, walk into the Ticket Both, once the body gaurd has moved away from the position marked below.


Enter the tent below and type *Dreaming*  in order to teleport.



Stand in the spot marked below, then type "star of the festival" to teleport.


Enter the teleport
marked below to gain your badge and a green festival dye!

Let us know what you think about this badge, is it too easy?

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