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Pay Talent Track


How To Gain Points?



Points may be gained for multiple reasons, mentioned below. Points are registered each week by the appropriate senior, either a manager for normal staff members or admin for alternative users. Points are inter-departments and therefore it may be useful to be part of multiple departments to widen the range of activities. Each item below is equal to 50 points, unless stated. Points may be taken away due to poor behaviour. Points refresh if a user leaves and rejoins. Users should alert their senior if they complete a point.


Radio Department

- 1 DJ slot 
- 40 radio likes
- 40 listener peak
- DJ of the month

Events Department

- 1 Event slot
- Host of the month
- 75 room population

Graphics Department

- 1 custom graphic
- 1 custom site badge

Media Department

- 2 bundle/rare/campaign guides
- 2 general wired guides
- 1 long event wired guide
- Reporter of the month

Forum Department

- 30 forum comments
- 10 forum threads
- 10 forum likes

Management/ Coordinator

- Hired staff member (that passes their trial)
- x2 normal goal
- Manager of the week
- (100 points)  Build an official HF room


- Fix a bug that has been requested
- Add a feature
- Be awarded 50 points by the Head Dev