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Café Pixelado


A global portuguese speaking fansite and community with a live radio and large sharing base for general knowledge.





 Habbo Helpers


An English speaking site that encourages helping other users via Habbo.








A global fansite, which provides a site with multiple translations, aiming to provide the latest Habbo news and rumours.





A Habbo themed font and text generator, simply enter your text and it'll do the magic!





A French speaking fansite which streams music, hosts events and provides news and badge guides for the French hotel.





A fansite for the Italian hotel, which aims to provide events and media to their users.





A German speaking fansite for Habbo.de, providing events, guides and some other bits and pieces!



An Italian speaking fansite and forum for the Italian speaking hotel, providing forums, news and more!




A Brazilian speaking fansite, providing music, events and more to the Brazilian speaking hotel!



A Spanish speaking fansite, with a well established event, and radio as well as many more services for the Habbo community!




A fansite for the Brazilian hotel, hosting events, playing music and much more in a well structured community.





A Habbo fansite for the Brazilian fansite, with super friendly staff and a very active and emerging community.






The oldest dutch fansite, providing news, events and games in a structual and appealing method.





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