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[Competition] HabboFests Pride Month!
11 days ago

Hey its, HabboFests Pride Month! 
We love you all guys cause you a special person be yourself.


This month we have an Pride Event for you which is really easy.


Whats the task?
Draw a Picture or doing a Graphic.
Take a Habbo Photo with your best Outfit or the best room layout.
Send in your result and your Habboname to pride@Habbofests.com or comment below your result!
Be sure that you have an HabboFests Account its free and safe.


What you can win?
1st Place: 100 Coins + Rainbow Curls + Site Badge

2nd Place: 50 Coins + Rainbow Shades + Site Badge

3rd Place: 20 Coins + Bohemian Dog + Site Badge


Under all results were given out 2x Rainbow Shades!
End is 28th of June at 11:59pm (UK TIME).


Let the Pride begin with HabboFests!
Dont miss the Giveaways at Twitter and Discord also apply now we are hiring.


Goodluck HabboFests Team

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Goodluck! :)
Timo 11 days ago
:o Free stuff!!!!!
Rupert 11 days ago
https://imgur.com/lXz0Sw5 iBailz
Bailz 10 days ago
https://imgur.com/FKHWxSO Zenlogic
Lucas 9 days ago
https://imgur.com/q8tqoUU SquirleBoss x
Squirleboss 9 days ago
http://prntscr.com/nzo0sx monkeymanbubby
Rupert 9 days ago
https://imgur.com/lEnaGyc itzawesomegirl
Ky 9 days ago
GoodLuck :) :D
5 days ago
3 days ago
Here's my art entry! <3

Good luck all entrants!

1 day ago
OMG I forgot to include my username, it's Kiwicolours haha ^^^^
1 day ago