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16 New Clothing Found

From hats to dresses, Habbo has gone all out!

monkeymanbubby 12 days ago

[WIRED] AFK Kicker

Put those trolls back into their place!

monkeymanbubby 16 days ago

21 New Furni Found!

Check out 21 of new Furniture and exciting rare rainbow jumper!

-Spas- 18 days ago

Paparazzi Camera Re-Release

It's coming back!

monkeymanbubby 1 month ago

[CHALLENGE] HabboFests Site Egg Hunt

The Easter bunny has came early to HabboFests!

Reecers 1 month ago

2 New Furniture Found!

Bit of gambling with Habbo

monkeymanbubby 1 month ago

Easter Mini Room Building Competition

Come and win some credits and build some amazing rooms!

monkeymanbubby 1 month ago

5 New Clothing Found!

Some hair, some more hair and a beard!

monkeymanbubby 1 month ago

22 New Furniture Found!

The greeks are coming!

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago

[CHARITY] Cancer Research Month

This month HabboFests.com will be raising money for Cancer Research UK, here's a bit about our plans.

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago

[NEW] Habbo Clicker!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in Frank's shoes? You can now find out, with the Habbo Clicker!

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago


Don't go AFK, using this wired guide!

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago

7 New Furniture Found!

Some petals and a sack, what more could we want?

monkeymanbubby 2 months ago

New Clothing Found

Check out some of the newest clothing found!

CriticalMistake 3 months ago

March Campaign: Basement Band

March is all about making music! This month will feature furni, clothing and rares from the band line!

CriticalMistake 3 months ago